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Hello, I am really excited about this add-on and will definitely be purchasing it. I have been wanting a forum add-on for years and in my spare time have been trying to make one, but this is so much farther along than where I am at with mine.

These are some additional features I would like to see if possible.

1) Ability to reply to email notifications and the reply would post on the forum, as if it was entered on the website. My think is that there would be a code at the bottom of the email, like what I have seen on other forums, that would then dictate which forum post the email reply would be posted to.

2) On-site notifications in addition to email notifications. In addition to email notifications, I would like users to be able to see a list of the notifications that have been sent to them when they log into the site. Once they look at the notifications, each notification would show as read.

3) Ability to opt-in to topic and receive notifications for all posts and replies. For example, my forum will be split into several main topics. I want my users to be able to opt-in to the individual main topics, and receive notifications whenever there is a new post in the topics which they have opted-in and also receive notifications whenever there are replies to posts in the topics which they have opted-in. When users log into the site, there would be a list of checkboxes for each main topic. Users would be able to check the box for the topics they want notifications for, and save their selections.

4) Ability to "mute" notifications for a specific post. For example, User 1 has opted-in to the "Social" topic. User 2 makes a "Birthday Party" post in the "Social" topic. User 1 receives notifications of the "Birthday Party" post, and decides they no longer want notifications about the "Birthday Party" post. On the "Birthday Party" post there would be a button to "mute" this post. There would also be a "mute" button in the email notifications User 1 has received. Also there would be a "mute" button on each on-site notification. Upon clicking this button, User 1 would no longer receive notifications about the "Birthday Party" post, but User 1 would receive new notifications if a user makes a new post in the "Social" topic.

5) The ability to "mute" notifications for topic for a specified amount of days. For example, User 1 is opted-in to the "Social" topic. They are going on vacation and would like to take a break from notifications. They navigate to the "Social" topic, at the top would be two buttons; "Mute for 7 days" and "Mute for 30 days." User 1 selects "Mute for 7 days" and will no longer receive notifications from the "Social" topic for 7 days. When 7 days expires, notifications will resume as normal.

6) A block, that would provide a "feed" of activity in the forum. When placing this block around the site, you would be able to select which main topics you want to display in the "feed," or select "display all topics." The block would have the ability to sort by date. The block would have the ability to show only posts in the main topics, or show all posts in the main topics and all replies to those posts. The block would also have the ability to select a user and display their activity in the forum, and the "display all posts or all posts and replies" would apply to this as well, either showing only the user's posts or all of their activity in the forum.

As I said, I am very excited to have discovered this add-on and will definitely be purchasing. If there is a way I help enact these additional features that I have requested, please let me know. I look forward to hearing your feedback on these features. Thank for making this add-on!

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linuxoid replied on at Permalink Reply

That's a lot of work and can entertain me for the next couple of years )))

I'll definitely try to do what I can as time permits.

Thank you very much for the suggestions.
drumrby replied on at Permalink Reply
That was a lot of suggestions :)

Could you go down the list and rank them in the order of difficulty? And maybe how long you think it will be until each feature is added?

As I said, I am open to helping make these features happen. So if you could tell me which ones you think you could add to the forum and I could work on the other ones.

Thank you for your prompt responses!
linuxoid replied on at Permalink Reply
I have to apologize for being counter cooperative at this moment... ))) but because I'm a little busy with other development, I really want to say all of them are difficult right now and you can start on any of them )))))

If it makes you happy and you want to contribute to the addon, I'll definitely greatly appreciate it.

Will it be a better idea to make a plugin for the addon? And addon for the addon?

linuxoid replied on at Permalink Reply

I've added a new Recent Forum Post List block to the package. That's pretty close to your feature #6. Please upgrade to v1.3.0 to try it.

Will be working on other features as time permits.

linuxoid replied on at Permalink Reply

I had some free time and made a lot of further development on the Forum addon. The coming version 1.5.0 is a massive upgrade, lots of functionality and improvements have been added. The major ones are the forum post subscriptions and notifications, both on site and by email.

I'm testing it out. If I don't see any bugs, I'll upload it shortly. Stay tuned...

linuxoid replied on at Permalink Reply
As to your other suggestions, I'll try to add more features and functionality as time permits.

But #1 will never fly as that's not safe, users must be logged in in order to make any changes.

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