AB Reviews Howto


Number of Characters to Display - it is how many characters will be shown on the page for each review. As review text can be long, to look nice all reviews will be trucated to this number of characters. To show the full text, click on Read more link.

Max Number of Characters in Review - it is the max limit of characters a user can type for each review. Note: Administrator can edit the review text in Dashboard and have the max limit of 65535 characters.

Min Wait Period between Posts - this prevents spam posting by robots. If set to 0 review posts can be submitted without any time restriction.

Login Required - this allows only registered users to post reviews.

All Submitted Reviews Approved by Default - if you don't want to moderate every single post and approve them before publishing, this way all new posts will be automatically approved and shown. You can then selectively moderate and disable those required.

Popup Review Form instead of Inline - if selected this will show a lightboxed form for adding a review post.

Best Reviews on Top - this will highlight those posts marked as best by admin in the Dashboard.

Show Overall Rating Score - this will show an average value of the scores for each block. Note that this setting can be overriden in the block form.

Clear Anti Spam Table clears a table in the database which holds IP addresses of the users who submitted review/rating posts in order to avoid automated spamming by robots. The table can grow over time, and you can clear it once in a while.


Add a block AB Reviews to a page. If review posting is allowed for unregistered users, a New Review button should appear. If reviews can be made only by registered users, a login link will be displayed. A user must then login to add a review.

A new review form requires text to be entered by the user. The Rating is optional.

After a review is submitted, the page will refresh in 2 sec. If All Submitted Reviews Approved by Default was set in Settings the review will be automatically approved and it should appear in the list above the last one. Otherwise if it needs to be approved by an administrator, it will be shown after it's made approved.


1. Only the site administrator can edit or delete reviews, a normal user can't do that after the submission.
2. All administrator review posts are approved by default regardless of the Settings.
3. Zero ratings are not counted in the average score. Only rating from 1 to 5 are taken into account. Zero rating means the user decided not to rate.


The site administrator can Approve/Withdraw/Edit/Delete any review post in Dashboard > Reviews. When the Approve button is green, this means the review is approved and being displayed in the block. To withdraw the review from displaying, click the Approve button, it should turn red, this means the review is no longer displayed.

A review can also be marked as Best which will make it highlighted on the block page.

The Dashboard reviews list page also shows a link to a page where the block is located.