Other slideshow or gallery add-ons have a "Ken Burns" effect. However, all these add-ons scale images to the nearest pixel. This makes the effect choppy and disconcerting and is especially noticeable at slow speeds.

This add-on uses the HTML 5 canvas to create a buttery smooth pan and zoom effect. HTML 5 allows the gallery to use sub-pixel positioning and the effect is stunning. Set the zoom speed low and watch the gallery create the impression of soft movement.

There is a fallback mode for browsers which don't support the canvas element (IE 7 & 8). By default it disables the effect and shows a standard slideshow. However, it can be setup to enable the effect but uses the standard snap-to-pixel positioning.

The add-on itself is easy to use. The interface has 2 self explanatory tabs. The first with basic settings. The second tab allows you to choose photos either from a set or 1 at a time. If you choose a set then un-tick the option the list of photos will pre-populate for you.

The gallery also supports captions and hyperlinks. However, it does not support these features if pulling files from a set.

If you are concerned about CPU usage the settings allow you to limit the frame-rate the gallery uses.

This add-on also works well in responsive designs. The width & height settings determine the max-size of the photos that are loaded as well as the width/height ratio in the gallery. However, the canvas will expand to fill its container as well as respond to resize events.

The interface for this add-on is intentionally simple. However, the custom jQuery plugin that powers the gallery has several additional options such as the ability to set custom prev/next/loading images. Experienced users can access that functionallity be creating a custom template.

Version 1.0.1 adds a custom template where resizing behaves slightly differently in responsive applications.

Version 1.1.0 adds support cinemagraphs using the HTML5 video tag. Sadly cinemagraph "gifs" are not supported by the HTML5 canvas. Formats supported are ogg, mp4 and webm. Upload in more than one format (The filename minus extension should be the same) and the gallery will cross reference the files for better cross-browser support.