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ACE InCurl Add-On for Concrete5  

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    Overview /  Features
    ACE InCurl fetches, parses, rewrites and includes content from any url available via cURL PHP extension. This add-on facilitates easily integrating content, in whole or part, from existing websites or othe CMS'. InCurl has been used succesfully to integrate existing CMS admin pages written in other languages into the C5 framework easily and with little modification.   InCurl is a Concrete5 add-on Block type which allows for fetching a URL via cURL, and has the following features:

  • Access remote or local URLs
  • Access and cURL accessible scheme: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP, TELNET, LDAP, LDAPS, DICT, FILE, TFTP
  • Access password protected content
  • Rewrite links, image, script and form locations of relative URLs in remote content
  • Access partial content via XPath query string: For example, InCurl can get a whole page or just a div based on id.
  • Cache content based on timed cache interval settings
  • Customize cURL options easily


  • Concrete5 5.3.0+
  • PHP 5
  • PHP cURL Support
  • PHP XPath/DOM Support

    Installation Installation should be automated via the C5 Add Functionality area, otherwise simply inflate zip into the concrete/packages directory.    

    Help    STANDARD SETTINGS   Source: Whether you are fetching locally (a page on this C5 server) or remotely (any other server). Note: Local URLs are fetched as http://$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']/[VALUE ENTERED] URL: The relative (local) or absolute (remote) url to cURL fetch. Rewrite Links: Rewrite all relative links, including scripts, forms, images, areas, inputs to include the scheme and host of the requested URL.   ADVANCED SETTINGS   XPath Parser: To include a div or node use an XPath query expression, e.g. "*/div[@id='gbar']" (no quotes) fetches just the div with id='gbar' Cache Interval: Life of the cache, to be renewed every X minutes|hours|days with another request. 0 caches forever after initial request.   cURL Options: Pass argument pairs as cURL_OPTS, e.g. CURLOPT_REFERER => "http://ace4it.com/in_curl",CURLOPT_USERAGENT=> "MyInCurl" GENERAL NOTES

    • CSS can conflict and kill C5 Admin CSS - be careful what you cURL

    Support Free support included for 30 days with purchase by contacting support@ace4it.com


    Purchase / Download
    To purchase contact support@ace4it.com or purchase via the Concrete 5 Marketplace.




    1.0 - Initial Release

    1.1 - Revised view.php to not show content in edit mode; Added scrapbook.php for scrapbook handling

    1.1.1 - Revised scrapbook to show URL

    1.1.2 - Added handling for query strings for local URLs (? vs. &)

    1.2 - Added path extension to rewrite links/forms/src for path-less pages

    1.3 - 1. POST support

    2. Append query string to InCurl URL from parent request 

    3. Show in Edit mode

    4. Pass SID from parent request 

    1.3.1 - Add POST/GET Parameters Options to UI

    1.4 - Remove absolute links

    1.5 - Added saveHTMLExact to strip DOCTYPE and BODY that DOMDocument forces 




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