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Ajax Star Rating

..:: Updated to V2.1 ::..

Fixed crash on vote reset.

Updated to work with C5 V5.4.2

Many of the core functions rewritten incorporating numerous bug fixes.



..:: Updated to V2 ::..

V2 is now block and page independent which means you can add it to a default page layout (template) and update all child pages to include a centrally managed instance of Ajax Star Rating on every child page.

Note: updating will cause all votes to zero.


Adds a simple (ajax driven) 5 star rating system to any page.



  • Uses AJAX to submit votes (no page refresh)
  • Tracks IP Addresses (1 vote per IP Address)
  • Option for user to be logged in to vote.
  • Supports multiple Star Rating Blocks on one page.
  • 8 different coloured transparent stars and a custom option available.
  • Zero your votes at any time.
  • Standard & compact templates included.

Don't like stars that are included then get creative...

If you don't like the style or colours of the stars included with the package, you can create your own using any of the current ones as a basic template.

Each image is 17pixels wide by 48pixels tall and comprises 3 separate pictures (each 17 x 16 pixels)


The top picture is the 'empty' star/image
The middle picture is the 'average' star/image
The bottom picture is the 'select'(mouse over) star/image

Once you have created your new image then save it in the jj_star_rating\blocks\jj_star_rating\images directory as 'rating.png'. 

(important!! you must name it 'rating.png' so the block recognises it as a user generated image)

You will then be able to select it from the block edit menu under 'Select Your Colour Scheme / user' (bottom right)



Demo: Here... (opens in new window)

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