Version History

2.0.1 Bug Fix: 2021/11/21

  • Fixed IP validation following removal of Zend validator from core

2.0 Update: 2021/10/29

  • concrete CMS v9 ready

1.0.4 Enhancement: 2021/02/02

  • Improved on logging and email messages when using the selective spam types notifications.

1.0.3 New Feature: 2021/01/31

  • Added the possibility to selectively log or get emails for specific spam types instead of all of them.
  • Updated the list of IP addresses for Amazon AWS and Tor

1.0.2 Bug Fix: 2020/12/02

  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to save the "check spammy words" option.

1.0.1 New Feature: 2020/12/02

  • Added basic total and monthly statistics for blocked spam.

1.0 Package approved: 2020/11/18

  • Package approved and available in the marketplace.