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Review posted by JohntheFish on at

Instant maximum spam proofing with fine control

Anti-Spammer Master provides advanced spam proofing for any forms system.

When developing Form Reform I added some basic spam defences such as honeypots and captchas. But there was no point developing advanced spam protection when Anti-Spammer Master already does it all, and does it all so elegantly. The companion addon Anti Spammer Master for Form Reform provides drop in integration with no code. Instant maximum spam proofing with fine control.

Before 1.0.4

Review posted by katalysis on at

This is an excellent AddOn.

While concrete5’s built-in Google Recaptcha implementation is convenient, Anti Spammer Master takes form spam control to a new level.

We tested this AddOn on our own site before deploying on a client site that suffers from a large volume of spam email submissions.

One of the key advantages for us was removing the significant impact of Google Recaptcha on page load speed. Our SEO guys, who enjoy this sort of thing, were delighted to see a significant increase in Page Speed Insights score after using Anti Spammer Master.

There is a high level of control over the range of tools provided and over their settings. The addition of logging and notification options in the latest version makes it very straightforward to fine-tune your anti-spam settings.

Support from @mnakalay is excellent as it is for all his AddOns.

Highly Recommended.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you for your kind words! :)

1.0.4 -

Review posted by JackVanson on at

A true godsend!

Before I had this add-on installed we were getting spammed like crazy. 20 to 30 spam emails a day! When I found this add-on on the marketplace it sounded like a solution to our issue. It really was the perfect solution. Now we get 0 spam!!!

I can still keep track of all the spam that is detected and make sure nothing is missed. I highly recommend this add-on. It is so easy to setup and I was spam free in minutes.

Another great benefit is the developer is very fast with support. Ever so helpful and will go out his way to make sure everything is running smoothly for you.
Response by mnakalay on at
Thank you! :)

2.0.3 -

Review posted by mdius on at

Removed about 99.9% of spam

This add-on had pretty much eliminated my spam and is very good at eliminating spam and not blocking good messages.

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