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Review posted by StriderSEO on at

Very flexible, lots of ideas!

A very nice implementation, very easy to customize, good examples to work with in the included templates.
Response by hereNT on at
Thanks, I'm glad that you like it!
Review posted by 12345j on at

Great Slider

This is a really great slider to use on your site. It provides a ton of custom templates and is really easy to get going. The best part is that is uses concrete5 file attributes so if you filled in information when you uploaded the image then its less data entry to make the slider work which is really nice.
Review posted by hutman on at

Super Flexible

We've used Attributes Slider on several sites now - most of the designers we work with have some sort of carousel element on their homepage layouts and this package has been able to easily handle whatever they throw at us with ease. It's become part of the standard set of packages we include with new sites.
* full disclosure: hereNT works in our shop

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