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Authorize.net Payment and Donation Forms


Please note: Versions 2.0 and 2.1 have been updated and tested with Concrete5 5.5 and 5.6 respectively.

Note on upgrading: Upgrading from 1.0 to 1.9.2 caused an error because  files inside the package folder were not being included in the upgrade. I did not hear back from C5 as to why that was. Please let me know if you experience the same issue upgrading to 2.x.

This add-on will allow you to easily add payment and donation forms to your website. Each form processes payments through the Authorize.net payment gateway. Though the package is compact, there is robust functionality and reporting.

Multiple Payment Options

  • Fixed Price
    Everyone pays the same amount. Example: sell a product that costs $25.
  • User-Entered Price
    Great for donation forms - allow the user to decide how much to pay.
  • Payment Options
    Enter payment options with different amounts and descriptions. The user can choose which option they prefer. Example, an event with different rates for a members and non-members.

Recurring Payment Options

  • No Recurring Billing Offered
    Payment will be a one-time payment
  • Payer Chooses Recurring Period
    Provide 2 or more options for payer to choose from, indicating how often they would like their card to be charged. You can indicate that a recurring payment is required, or offer a one-time payment as well. 
  • Fixed Recurring Period
    Fix the form for a given recurring (ARB) period, so everyone that submits a payment will be set up to the same recurring time automatically.

Payment Form Customizations (All Optional)

  • Prompt the user to offer an additional donation (above and beyond the purchase)
  • Prompt the user to choose a quantity (purchase 1 or more items)
  • Prompt the user to enter a comment with their purchase
  • Prompt the user to enter a shipping address (optionally required)
  • Submit the form in test mode
  • Receive email notifications of each payment to one or more email addresses
  • Tag payments with one or more tags

Robust Reporting / Downloads

  • View all transactions by date, payment title, tag(s) and/or payment type (approved, declined, live, test)
  • Download transaction details (via any above grouping) into Excel 

Developer Features

  • Form submission is sent through AJAX
  • Form output is CSS only (fieldset, legend, label, input)
  • For developers: the user ID of the purchaser is recorded in the database, allowing for custom development extensibility
  • Uses the AIM 3.1 Authorize.net method

Important Notes

  • An SSL certificate is required (we recommend the free Force SSL add-on). The form will not display if not called over SSL.
  • The cURL extension must be available in your PHP instance in order to run this plugin.
  • This is not a cart. Each purchase event can have multiple payment options and quantities, but is a single purchase for a single item.
  • Multiple payment forms can be placed throughout your site, each with different payment criteria. (Tagging can bring different forms together in reporting and Excel downloads.)

Interested in this functionality with another payment gateway?
Let us know. With sufficient interest, we would be glad to customize this package to work with other gateways. 

Want this add-on for free?
We are authorized resellers for Authorize.net. If you allow us to set up your account (at no charge), we will provide you a license for this add-on for free as well. To get started, just download the application on our website


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