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Can I hire you to add captcha to the donation system? I have a client who is being spammed heavily and disabled their form to avoid the spam.

Let me know.



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webinstinct replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there. We have seen this happening regularly as well with our clients. A CAPTCHA will not solve this. The reason is that these transactions are entered by hand. The spammers are testing card numbers to see which ones are good. They are more than happy to deposit $X into your account (on a successful transaction) to learn that a given card is good.

The way we have solved it is to limit the number of transactions per hour from any single IP address. (We have typically set it to 3.) Spammers will change their IP address here and there, but this prevention seems to keep them at bay.

I have added this feature to the latest version of the add-on, which is NOT yet uploaded. I have the Concrete 5.6 version (2.1.1) ready, but not the Concrete 5.5 version (2.0.1). I'll post the 2.1.1 update right now, in case that fits the bill. (I'm not sure when I'll get to the 5.5 version.

The change is found in the settings area, where you can indicate how many transactions per hour you want to limit any given IP to.

Sorry for the difficulties. As mentioned - we are seeing this happen a lot as well. Hope this solution helps.

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