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Auto-Nav Pro

Auto-nav Pro is an advanced, responsive Auto-Nav tool that opens up many design possibilities that the standard Auto-Nav block does not offer.

It installs 15 custom attributes that offer virtually unlimited design and functionality possibilities plus a dashboard page with a Font Awesome icon generator.

At this time it comes with 4 custom templates that have unlimited drop ability.

2 of the templates use a click drop functionality with the top level page not a clickable link. The top level page acts as a drop only and will not link to a page unless the "hide children" custom attribute is set.

(NEW) 2 templates use superfish functionality. This provides hover drop functionality with the top level page a clickable link.

Additional custom templates will be added with future updates.

  • Set width where nav becomes responsive
  • Set sublevel min width
  • Optional built in search with search results page selector
  • Customize font size
  • Customize font style
  • Customize font color
  • Customize font color on hover
  • Customize nav background color
  • Customize tabs background on hover
  • Customize sublevel font size
  • Customize sublevel font style
  • Customize sublevel font color
  • Customize sublevel font color on hover
  • Customize sublevel background color
  • Customize sublevel tabs background color
  • Customize sublevel tabs background color on hover
  • Add images from the file manager (for links and active links)
  • Add Font Awesome icons using the Font Awesome Generator
  • Add HTML content on sublevel
  • Add sublevel stack
  • Add class
  • Add extra attribute data for link
  • Overwrite link
  • Hide link text
  • Remove link
  • Hide children

Supports LivIcons

Auto-nav pro can be used as a simple auto-nav tool with the included custom templates or as an advanced tool for theme developers who want to take their themes to the next level.

If you are a theme developer and are used to creating custom templates for auto-nav, this add-on is for you.


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