Questions & Answers

What is the “Awesome Dashboard” configuration page?

The page in the dashboard, located here:

Dashboard – Pages & Themes – Themes – Awesome Dashboard

How to change the dashboard theme?

Navigate to the “Awesome Dashboard” configuration page. Under the “Theme” option, select one of the available themes. Also make sure “Awesome Dashboard Enabled” is checked, located at the top of this configuration page. Now click “Save” at the bottom of the form.

Can I temporarily disable “Awesome Dashboard”?

Yes, you can. Navigate to the “Awesome Dashboard” configuration page. Uncheck the “Awesome Dashboard Enabled” checkbox and hit the “Save” button.

White Labeling, what is it?

With white labeling you can have your own logo in the upper left corner. The “Logo” field will have an URL to an image and “Name” will be the title of the logo (shown when hovered on the logo). Use a full URL for the “Logo” field, like so:

I enabled “Show package updates count”, now what?

In the dashboard menu on the right, you will have an item called “Extend concrete5”. This item will navigate to your Add-Ons/packages. These can have updates. When there are updates available and you have permission to update, there will be a circle with a number in it displayed right after “Extend concrete5”. This way you don’t need to navigate to this page, to check and see if there are updates. You’ll be notified right away.

Will these themes be compatible with other Add-Ons using dashboard pages?

They should be compatible yes, but that will not always be the case. Do let me know if something goes wrong and I will take a look if I’m able to fix it. Sometimes Add-On developers seem to apply own styling/colors, that overrule the theme. If that’s the case, I may be able to contact the developer and try to figure something out together. All my Add-Ons work like a charm, so no worries!

A few things go wrong in default dashboard pages, sometimes a button or a table goes outside the “main square”?

That’s an issue with some early versions of concrete5 version 8. These will be fixed in later versions. Be sure to always use the most recent version of concrete5. A few pull requests to fix available issues:

If you have more issues, shoot a support ticket or create a pull request for the concrete5 GitHub repository: