File Backup

The File Backup has a couple of configuration options, outlined in detail in the Settings area, but the highlights are:

  • Where to store the files
  • What files/directories to exclude from the backup
  • How many file backups to store at any given time

Automated Backup

To execute the automated backup you'll, basically, be hitting a URL on a schedule. You can get the specific URL (and example command) for your system from the Cron Backup settings page. Automated backups can be configured to attach the backup to a notification email, customize the notification email, and who the notification email should be sent to upon a successful backup.

Manual Backup

To take a file backup manually you have 2 options; from within the Backup Pro module itself or by selecting Backup Files from the Tools menu. When you initially get to the Backup Files page, you'll have to click Start Backup to begin the process.