Insanely Customizable

Rarely is my backup solution your backup solution. Options and customization are crucial to keeping your data intact and available and Backup Pro is well aware of this. Nearly every area of your backup strategy is customizable and made to bend to your will.

For example, are you in a situation where your Concrete5 website has a large database and a ton of files but a conservatively configured webserver? Cool, Backup Pro can be configured to handle that.

Configure General Settings

This settings page mostly allows for control over the display of Backup Pro within the Concrete5 Dashboard though there are a couple other settings to round it out. For example, how dates are displayed, how many backups on the dashboard, and where the Working Directory is set, and a couple other settings.

Configure Database Backup

Backup Pro allows for granular control over your Concrete5 database backups. You can remove entire tables (or just their data) from a backup, configure the mechanism database backups are taken with (decency free PHP or mysqldump) and how database restores are done (dependency free PHP or mysql), and a whole lot more.

Configure File Backup

What files do you want to backup? Simple question if your site is like everyone else's but it's probably not. So Backup Pro makes NO assumptions about what you want to backup when it comes to files. Even better though, you can set what NOT to backup too. So, for example, if you don't want to Back up any PDF or PSD files, or any file with any regex pattern really, Backup Pro can be configured to ignore them.

Configure Cron Backup

Automating backups is crucial to any backup strategy so Backup Pro stays out of your way. Backups can be executed manually, via the Concrete5 Dashboard, via a URL for use in Curl requests in Cron command or other programs that can execute a URL, and even straight from the Console/Command Line using the built in Console Routing.

Configure Integrity Agent

A unique feature in Backup Pro is the Integrity Agent, which removes the uncertainty about whether a given backup is even usable. Bad things happen, which is why we're taking backups in the first place, but sometimes bad things happen WHILE TAKING A BACKUP. The Backup Pro Integrity Agent makes sure that's not a concern.