A complete backup solution

The expert rating on this should not be a limiting factor for anyone. In addition to the offer of the creator to login to your site and help you set it up, it is easy to setup. Im using the local storage option. I used cpanel to create a new folder in the site root and set permissions to 777.

The working directory and the storage location address my be easily inferred from the concrete5 dashboard. Go to File Storage Locations and click to add a new directory. You'll see the directory hint lets you know the path. On my install it is /home/wwwcus6/public_html/. Since my backup directory was in the root the path is /home/wwwcus6/backup_directory.

It even gives you the cron job commands to set up in the cpanel cron tab. Just select your options.

Easy as pie. Sends emails on backup completions and errors.

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