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Review posted by FumitoMIZUNO on at

Excellent Add-on

This addon offers an excellent shopping cart.
Using c5's Express makes easy to understand how this addon works.

Support is a quick response.

This addon is one of the most valuable addons.

1.0.2 -

Review posted by eldios on at

More than 5 Stars

Thank you so much for this system! It works very well and the support is excellent. He answers within seconds and the shop includes everything you need. It is definitely worth the money. Thank you very much for this masterpiece of work!

1.0.5 -

Review posted by FangtasiaMusic on at

Nice and complete system

I purchased it just a couple of days ago and it seems to work fine. I needed some help with some styling and other things that were not looking as I wanted them and, since I have zero coding skills, I needed some help from Fabian, who was helpful and friendly at all times.

It seems to be a very complete add-on and I am very happy so far.

Thank you!
Response by fabianbitter on at
Hey Kervin, thank you for you review. It was nice to work with you :) Wish you best success for your new online business :) Fabian
Review posted by phlepp on at

bad understanding for user, dollars in the eyes

I was in the process of realizing a project. This could not be realized due to incompatibility between theme and addon. Thus, the project has been canceled. I have to add, that 3 days after installing the webshop on my page, the shop broke down. (reinstall = impossible / loading page = impossible) --> no more desire to fix this.

So I requested a refund, this was rejected. I also realize that the first point is no reason for a refund of the money. However, I have found in other add-ons understanding, which ones didn´t broke down.

In addition, I have been treated very unfriendly by being constantly accused, I would use the add-on only for free.,... . I´m sure that I don´t use this add-on for free.

Please be sure if you want to buy this add-on. For me, this is a no-go.
Response by fabianbitter on at
Do you really think when you write me a bad review that it will change something for my decission to NOT give you a refund? I don't let me blackmail mate. And now stop to spam me. More then 1000 users are happy with this CERTIFIED software solution and normally i do my best for all of my users. Everybody can check my 5-stars rating. I only want dollars mate? Then i would defintly choose to decide developing for WP or some other big player cms but not for a niche like c5. I was start developing c5 because it was a hearth thing. I spent my time making teaching videos in germany, i wrote a book and i was about 1yr active in concrete5 PRB team and this honorary for free. Do you really think i would invest so much time just for the money? But i'm businessman too and i have strict rules which are all declared on my marketplace pages (FAQ's, troubleshooting guides...). However. For friendly customers i often turn a blind eye ;) But definitely not FOR YOU not after all your tickets and the reactions to them. And if you check the tickets with a neutral view you can see that i was offering you paid support and wanted to help you to integrate the styling into your theme. But you don't wanted to pay for my help. You are just want to bower me and bring me to offer free help with the implementation or to refund you the money without any responsible reason. Everything was declared in the documentation.
You was talking about "please be fair" and now you write a bad review to damage my business. You are very fair ;) Please do me just one favour and never ever write me any kind of messages. Not here, not on BitBucket or somewhere else.

And for all others who are interested in what's really happening i will link the original support tickets:

1.3.1 -

Review posted by savvyeye on at

I have just completed a project with this add-on and I can confirm that it is AWESOME!!!

Anyone who gives this add-on a bad review obviously doesn't appreciate the hard work that people put in to finish a product like this. I bought it over a year ago but the developer still responded to all my request for help.

Thanks for this great add-on

BTW I also bought the PDF design, also using it on the project.

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