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Review posted by okapi on at

Absolutely recommended for creating your own blocks

Block Designer and Block Designer Pro are invaluable tools that help you create your own blocks.

People with some, but not strong PHP knowledge, can learn here very well how Concrete CMS works and at the same time create reliably working custom blocks with ease.

I have learned so much just by inspecting the code generated by Block Designer and then trying to modify and add to the PHP and HTML elements.

The current version works perfectly with Concrete CMS 9.2.1 (as of August 2023).

Before 1.1.3

Review posted by BetterCS on at

Great addon but needs repeatable stack option

Works as advertised. Give us a repeatable stack option!

1.1.3 -

Review posted by CarstenJt on at

Very useful extension for Block Designer!

In addition to my review for the Block Designer: for building more complex and advanced blocks - especially with repeatable contents - this extension is highly recommendable!

And again: very outstanding and good support!

1.1.5 -

Review posted by tduncandesign on at

A must have add-on

What can I say? It's an awesome block. Take just about whatever structure, layout or formatting you design, in single instances or even repeating content like galleries, sliders, dealer maps, etc, and build it into a block. Block Designer and Block Designer Pro are an outstanding way to extend and customize C5 5.7.
Review posted by GunterSchmitt on at

Usefull tool

Very usefull tool and very quick help.

Thank you for this and BlockDesigner.

1.1.8 -

Review posted by gordoncWG on at

Great Add-On

This add on is superb. Watch the video!

Support is good too.

2.1.0 -

Review posted by frz on at

Saves us hours, and we wrote the !@%! CMS!

We are typically working for clients who bring their own aggressive designs to the table, so we're making a lot of bespoke stuff for a client's particular CMS needs. We find ourselves buying this block with every project.

This thing just saves us half a dozen hours of leg work on any new block type. Need some 1-n set of "things" that all have a series of fields for some goofy scrolling display? This add-on takes all the pain out of putting that UI together with the tables and lets you really focus on the view layers of the block..

Thank you for such a great tool.
Review posted by Responsive on at

version 2.4.0

For me this is why C5 keeps going as it offers us an opportunity to create blocks that meet customer needs. Support is the best I have ever seen and I hope Ramon continues to deliver more opportunities like this in the future.

The cost for the add on is worth every penny as the possibilities are endless, I recommend you purchase this as part of your C5 toolkit.
Review posted by Matteld80 on at

This is why I love Concrete 5

This is the best addon for Concrete 5 - Gives you so much freedom to build your own blocks and content sections that make it even easier for your clients to edit.
Only thing I would love to see is the ability to re-edit the blocks once they are built. Occasionally forget to set an item to repeat and you end up rebuilding the whole thing :(

2.4.0 -

Review posted by cubewebsites on at

The Perfect Addon

Works exactly as expected and makes Concrete5 a breeze to work with. Let's you quickly add any block type, with so many field types and repeatable items. Saves you much time it doesn't make sense to not pay for it.

Had one issue in figuring out how it works and got a support response within moments.

Very happy customer indeed!

2.5.1 -

Review posted by Ta2Ta2 on at

A must have!

Out of a box add-on. With minimum knowledge of coding I was able to create whatever custom block you wish for.

By using this add-on I was able to convert any themes element to a dynamic block that my clients can utilize with 0 coding knowledge - just normal add block.

Awesome support from the developer.

final thought, A MUST HAVE!

2.8.1 -

Review posted by magnolia4 on at


Thank you for your very cool addon we safe so much time with!

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