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Like the old Concrete <=5.6 days we had an image cropper in the composer, that would launch after an image was selected where an image could be cropped to a certain size - the cropper was not very flexible and I even believe it was made with flash. It would be nice to have such opportunity within this block designer maybe with the use of - so that you could choose an image and get that cropped to a predefined size in the block designer and save a copy of the cropped image, whic would be used in the block.

something like in this example I just made would be nice (I used it for a blog post then)

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

This looks an interesting way to crop on-the-go! I'm not sure though how to use that with the image helper within concrete5... Do you have an example of this code or do you have any coding skills yourself to give an example with the current 5.7 version of concrete?

Kind regards,

hjelmdal replied on at Permalink Reply
i don't exactly know how it works but I can see that the old flash cropper still exist in concrete5.7 source code at concrete/blocks/image/tools/crop_image.php

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none needed :-)

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