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We are using your Block on a website, the client keeps on adding large images, wrong file formats and such like, and each one of these breaks the block and the website.

Is there a way to set image dimensions, set files to image formats only and limit the size of an image to prevent the site breaking?

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

When you have the "Image" added within Block Designer, you can add a "Thumbnail handle". You can create those thumbnails in the given link (description under that field) and then enter the handle. The system will then generate a thumbnail with that handle (make sure it does exist though).

Optionally you can check the "Make a thumbnail of the image" checkbox and crop to a given width/height. This will not use the thumbnail handle though, so that's not connected. Could be useful if you don't use thumbnails elsewhere and just for a particular scenario (which will never change). If width/heights may change, may be best to use thumbnails instead. Up to you!

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