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Is it possible to have a repeatable item inside a repeatable item? I'm trying to create bootstrap panels, and inside each panel will be employee bios, which also need to be repeatable. I've attached a screenshot of the section I'm trying to make editable for my client. I was attempting to allow them to make the panels themselves, but maybe that's not the best solution.

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

It's not possible to have a repeatable within a repeatable. Mostly it's possible to work around this issue. I haven't really needed it and when I thought I did, there was a good alternative. In your case, you could make an extra dropdown maybe, where they select the "Category" a person belongs in. You'd have to script something manually though to create the panels and loop them, not sure if you're comfortable with that? If not, you can also make 2/3/4 repeatables (for each category), as a last resort. It's a repeating process and not the most elegant way, so I'd opt for the other version if you're comfortable scripting a bit yourself.

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