WYSIWYG inside of a repeatable duplicate Source button for inline and pop-up

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This is for my client work. We didn't buy the license (but our client did).
I've also tested on a fresh install of 8.3.2, and I can confirm that it duplicate the symptom there.

Please see the attached image.
I think inline "source" button and pop-up "source" buttons got revealed in CKEditor if a WYSIWYG element is placed inside of repeatable.

It's fine if the WYSIWYG element is not repeatable.

Would you check?


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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Katz,

Look for:

$core_editor = Core::make('editor');

You can add this code afterwards:

if($core_editor->getPluginManager()->isSelected('sourcearea')) {

That will remove the "source dialog". The default (non-repeatable) editor does this by default for some reason within a function that is called. Don't know why though.

Kind regards,

biplob replied on at Permalink Reply
I've used


instead of

$core_editor-> getEditorInitJSFunction();

Which actually does the same I think.

public function outputStandardEditorInitJSFunction()
        $options = [
            'disableAutoInline' => true,
        if ($this->getPluginManager()->isSelected('sourcearea')) {
        return $this->getEditorInitJSFunction($options);

How about this?
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Biplob... that's something better to be using indeed. Then you'd just have to rename all "getEditorInitJSFunction" appearances in the form.php file and you're done. Didn't know of that function, so will update Block Designer with this change! Thanks.

Kind regards,


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