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Review posted by okapi on at

An invaluable tool

Block Designer has been with me for many years now. Now we have August 2023 and also with Concrete CMS version 9 the add-on works flawlessly.

To anyone who has started working with Block Designer, I can say that sooner or later you'll also need Block Designer Pro as a logical extension.

I learned a lot about how Concrete CMS works by inspecting the code generated by Block Designer and then trying to change and add the PHP and HTML elements.

As so many others, I highly recommend that tool.

Before 1.0.1

Review posted by stuball on at

Remarkably Useful Add-On

I'm not sure how I wasn't aware of this plug-in before I started working with 5.7, but I sure am glad I found it now. It's an incredibly useful tool. Being able to create blocks that clients can edit and that render as you want them particular way was a huge missing piece for me - until now.

Block Designer is listed as an Expert add-on but if you know HTML you can work with this right out of the box. What the how-to video. If you know PHP the possibilities are almost limitless.

Regarding support, I had no expectation of getting a reply to a question on Sunday of a holiday weekend but that's just what I got. Outstanding support.

I can't imagine a C5 project without this add on. Excellent.
Review posted by Hypocrite on at

Excellent add-on

The add-on works very nicely and is easy to use. Designer Content was the best add-on for 5.6 and I think this will become my favorite add-on for 5.7.

And the support from the developer was also very fast.

Highly recommended.
Review posted by okapi on at

Extremely useful and easy to use Add-On with great support

This is an invaluable tool to easily create custom blocks of many kinds for Concrete5.7. There are endless possibilities of sets of fields to build exactly the block that one is needing. New fields are added with each new version. The author responds lightning fast to questions and suggestions and is always very kindly present to help.
Review posted by yulolimum on at

Designer Content for 5.7

If you've used Designer Content in the older Concrete5 versions and are looking for a 5.7 alternative, this plugin is for you! It is very much worth the $20 as it will save you hours of billable time to create the very same blocks you would have made manually. The dev responds to support requests and fixes them within the day. Great add-on, great dev!

Review posted by savvyeye on at

Awesome Add-on

This add-on is totally awesome, it offers so much flexiblity. I have only used it on my own personal project as I have not yet moved any of my clients to 5.7.

I can't wait to show it off to my clients soooooon!
Review posted by juddc on at

Excellent Add-On

Well put together - does what it says. Best of all, the support is great. Will be in my toolkit from now on. Buy it.
Review posted by Rennsemmel on at


It works great and is easy to use. The developer cares about his customers and has a ear for their suggestions. When it is possible to add classes to your html tags in the future this block will be a must-have.
Review posted by Miotto on at


I think this is one of the "must have" add-on for concrete, easy to use and to edit, i have created many blocks without any problem.
The support was fast and very disponible. Very recommended.
Review posted by paradummy on at

works well & great support

It's really a valuable and usefull add-on. Also the support from the developer is great. I had an idea for something that I'd love to see integrated. Within hours it was implemented and works.
Response by ramonleenders on at
Glad I could be of help. If you have any more feature requests or ideas, you know where to find me! :)
Review posted by WebcentricLtd on at

Does what it says

Downloaded this and have built a few blocks with it.
It all seems to work well and is good for creating simple blocks quickly and also to create a starting point for more complex blocks should you need to develop them further.

I particularly like that you can name the fields how you want in the view by way of the field slug, that you have some degree of control over the block creation interface and can install the block direct on creation if you choose.

All in all very slick and easy to use with some nice touches.
Response by ramonleenders on at
Thanks for your purchase ánd review! Appreciate it.

If you have any requests or suggestions, do tell. I take everything in consideration and will be doing the best I can to make this add-on useable for each and every Concrete5.7 user. Any extra input is welcome.

1.0.1 -

Review posted by lainej on at

The must have addon for 5.7

Wouldn't even consider using 5.7 without this tool. The support has been quick and seems like new features are dropped often too. It already does pretty much whatever I need it to do, but the updates bring new ideas to the table.

The developer even let me beta test a feature-in-progress that I really needed quickly, which is a huge bonus. This is pure value all around!
Review posted by tukuro on at

Excellent Add on and Support

This is an extraordinarily useful addon, especially when trying to create sites that less technical people can later edit. Or even just for personal use to speed up the development process. The learning curve was a little steep for a relative beginner like me, but the support was excellent. Features and custom field types are being continuously added, so let the developer know if you have suggestions.

Highly, highly recommended.

1.0.2 -

Review posted by dantheman on at


In the last 24 hours I have purchased and started to use this block for the first time. It does exactly what it says it will do - be sure to review the Add-On notes before you start using it.
I have used it on a nonprofit site to list member organisation data. So the end user will complete the simple form generated by the block and (once added to the page) the markup I was able to place around each field in the block means that there's good separation of style and content. Even if text is pasted in from other sources when users add new entries, formatting is stripped out as I only used plain text fields.
In short this is a versatile way of creating content blocks.
N.B. With only a little extra work I was able to add the block to the composer, meaning that adding a page with one of these blocks on is a single (long) form. I think most end users would appreciate this kind of simplicity.

1.0.2 -

Review posted by designverign on at

U made my day!

Thank u!
Review posted by StefSmeers on at

Best add-on I ever bought! (Also my first one)

Very good add-on, easy to use, it just has everything covered!

Blijf zo verder doen! ;)
English: Keep up the work! ;)
Review posted by dustinbrunson on at


Super easy to use and endlessly useful, thank you!!

1.0.3 -

Review posted by jheanly on at

Nice Work

I had a complex section on a clients homepage that need to be layed out very specifically, with images, different coloured titles / text and a link to another website. This was way to much to expect the client to maintain using a standard Content block.

Designer Content was exactly what I needed. I can style and layout the components of the section exactly how I need, but the client still has the ability to update the content if necessary.

Great stuff.

1.0.3 -

Review posted by jero on at

Another Awesome Review

This addon just saved me several days work on a project with a very tight time scale which the client decided had to be done in 5.7 - which I'd never touched until now and didn't have time to figure out.

I hadn't realised it had the ability to actually edit a block already created - that's just insanely useful and a big leap forward from the free designer_content addon I used in 5.6 which is still the business for 5.6 development.

One thing that did catch me out though was that the tool doesn't install the block - you have to do that yourself (unlike designer_content) but it's a trivial thing.

It would be nice if the image component let you choose an external URL or a page though.

Just buy this addon - it'll be the best thing you ever did.
Response by ramonleenders on at
Thanks for your review. It does me good that this add-on saved you a lot of time/days of work, that's how it should be of course! :D

As for auto installing the block, this option actually IS available. I just choose not to default install blocks. When you want to install the block upon creation, go to the "Interface" tab and select "Yes" under "Direct install". You can then choose an available block type set for the block type to be installed in.

You can already choose a page for the image field type, external URL will be on it's way.

Hope this answers all of your questions. If not, you can always use the support section of this add-on.

Kind regards,

Review posted by nickratering on at

Just great!

Everything has been said here about this addon, it's just great!! #musthave

1.0.11 -

Review posted by johnsmart on at

Phenominal add on, with one annoying, minor issue

Best $20 I spent. Why this is rated expert is a mystery to me, its so easy to use, it is truly wonderful.

Annoying minor issue? Well, I am trying to hone my skills, so I like building blocks, but this does all the work, in a fraction of the time! Which simply is holding me back!

The 1st tool I created with this - and the reason why I purchased it, was for a quick build of a block where the client could enter data, and it would appear in a styled box. With this tool, doing that for my first use of it, including installing this package took under 20 minutes!

If you dont write blocks yourself, or dont always have the time too, you need this. It is quite excellent.

1.1.0 -

Review posted by 3CGroup on at

Must have tool for website builders

It is the ultimate tool to when you are building websites to make a living. How many times you come across the problem of writing a piece of custom code into your template that you rather would like to offer as a block?

Well it does for me the trick. I was even able to create sliding panels with javascript attached in my custom block design to give the client the opportunity to change the content of that panel.

Even Titles with CSS animations without touching once my template.

Just have to say one must have tool for every website builder!

1.2.1 -

Review posted by Responsive on at

Excellent Support

This is not only a superb add on but the support is even better. Ramon helped me with improving the WYSIWYG extensions and now is exactly what I wanted.

I would recommend this Add On as a must have Concrete5 Tool.

1.2.3 -

Review posted by tallacman on at


Must have add on.
Response by ramonleenders on at
Thanks for your review and do let me know if you feel like it's missing something! There's also a (Block Designer) Pro version available for lots of more field types and repeatable items.

1.2.6 -

Review posted by StevieB on at

The Best!

By far one of the most useful add-ons in the marketplace. Not only that, but the help received from the developer when I had an issue was immediate and above and beyond the call of duty! I had a html template I was converting to Concrete5.7 which used underscores instead of dashes in the css. Ramon immediately changed the add-on to allow underscores and pushed through an update, within the same day, just for me!

Brilliant add-on, brilliant developer, brilliant service! As a designer with limited development knowledge, I shall be using this add-on with every new project from now on!!


1.2.8 -

Review posted by anete on at

A very useful Add-On

As more of a front end designer, the Block Designer is very useful. It allows me to build custom blocks easily which in turn makes life easier for my clients when they need to make updates to their site.
Ramon has also been very quick to respond to a couple of questions I had.
Keep up the great work Ramon.

1.2.9 -

Review posted by OKDnet on at

Not only Super, it morphs to your needs (well the dev makes it so :-)

Obviously from the other reviews, this is a great add-on for many different reasons and applications. But what's even more amazing is how it magically get's new capabilities almost as needed (the magic of course is the Ramon), like when I wanted to be able to add an image, but only output the source (path) of the image. Yup, Ramon made it so.

He did the same with Block Designer Pro (when I expressed a desire for Repeating Fields, it took a little bit longer, but that was no small task, and yet it was done and now is part of the add-on).

Much appreciated Ramon!

1.2.11 -

Review posted by kspitzley on at

I love this add-on with all my heart

It empowers me to do so much, it's an incredible contribution to the marketplace and I recommend anyone who can work with concrete5 beyond the basics buy it, review it, and use it to create amazing things.
Review posted by kspitzley on at

I love this add-on with all my heart

It empowers me to do so much, it's an incredible contribution to the marketplace and I recommend anyone who can work with concrete5 beyond the basics buy it, review it, and use it to create amazing things.

1.3.0 -

Review posted by CarstenJt on at

"Must-have" extension ;-)

To me this extension is a "no-brainer" and a "must-have": very easy to use, giving a tremendous flexiblity and speeding up building projects!

In addition to this: outstanding fast and good support!

Go on like this :-)

1.3.3 -

Review posted by studio108 on at

Fantastic Add On

A brilliant must have add-on!!
It gives me greater control by allowing me to create bespoke blocks that my client will understand by filling in the custom block fields which reduces any chance of client editing errors.

1.3.6 -

Review posted by grafoman on at

Great add-on, great support

Usefull to those who want to build custom blocks to create an easy-to-use experience for your clients.

Add fast and easy support from the developer and you get a 5 star rated add-on.

1.4.0 -

Review posted by vergedesign on at

Must have Add-On

If you develop in Concrete5, this is the first add-on you should download and add to your project. It allows any developer with basic HTML knowledge to create incredibly sophisticated custom blocks, that are simple and intuitive for the client to use to add and edit content. Every option imaginable was added to this tool to make it easy to use and implement. It is also very well built and designed. It even allows for a custom icon, which shows up in the Add Block panel.

If you ever wanted to create a custom block that functions like the "Features" block that comes with Concrete5, this it the tool you want.

I doubt I will ever build another C5 site without this terrific add-on.
Response by ramonleenders on at
Thanks for the kind words and awesome that you have everything you want/need within Block Designer. If you think something's missing though, feel free to contact me!

Kind regards,


2.2.2 -

Review posted by yfsneals on at

A+ My go-to app

I've been climbing a steep learning curve and this app has become indispensable. Incredibly responsive and patient support as well. Otherwise, not much to add that hasn't been said.

2.3.0 -

Review posted by TMDesigns on at

Brilliant Add on, a must have for most sites

After using the Designer content addon in 5.6 this is my new go to add on for 5.7.

Love the usability of the back end and very easy to work with.

My only draw back is you have to uninstall the block to update them. This can really cause issues if you have used it across a site and want to add a little extra feature.

2.4.3 -

Review posted by EvanCooper on at

Majestic and Regal

I love this add on. I love it. Get Block Designer Pro along with it. Just do it now. Get them both and let the block edit interfaces handle themselves. As a primarily front-end focused dev, not having to sort out block edit interfaces (and Inception-y repeatable item interfaces, oy-yoy-yoy) is totally liberating. Can't rate it highly enough. Great support too! Super fast turnaround on any issues.
Response by ramonleenders on at
Thanks for the love Evan! Hope Block Designer can keep giving you that very same love back every time you use it.

2.7.0 -

Review posted by TMDesigns on at

Brilliant addon and great developer

Brilliant addon and great developer, i have used this add on a few times and when i hit a feature request i posted it on the site. Within 48 hrs it was added. Great service
Response by mrityunjoy on at

2.7.0 -

Review posted by magnolia4 on at

One of the best addons

We love it! Almost for all our projects it's absolutely indispensable. Keep up the good work! Thank u!
Response by ramonleenders on at
And a thank you towards you too, for the love and support :)

2.8.3 -

Review posted by StevieB on at

Ramon saves the day!

I would just like to say, after getting frustrated whilst building a block (due to my slightly limited knowledge of css/html and a tight deadline) I took a chance and asked for help. Almost instant reply, and even though it wasn't regarding any problem with the Add-On itself, Ramon's input helped me solve my issues quickly.

Block Designer helps me give the client what they need for their site without trying to explain to them how to add a block, then apply a template. Most of my end users just don't get it!

You will not find better support anywhere! Thanks again Ramon...
Response by ramonleenders on at
You're welcome, happy to help out where I can. Thanks for the review and happy holidays!

2.9.2 -

Review posted by cfweb on at

A must have

Easy to use, useful, efficient : a great job.

3.1.0 -

Review posted by zapbrannigan1972 on at

Just Brilliant!

BRILLIANT FANTASTIC EASY SIMPLE GREAT AWESOME. Love this addon! The ability to add custom blocks is fantastic. I was able to add loads of bespoke content blocks for my customer and you can even add icons to each block for easy identification from the system blocks!! Great support too. Thank you so very much. Well worth the purchase! Proper happy!

3.1.3 -

Review posted by edsaxmoore on at


This is a great tool! It opens up all kinds of possibilities. The more I play with it, the more I like it. I plan on getting the Pro version once I master this one. Kudos to the developer!

3.2.1 -

Review posted by fatcatsanonymous on at

Great timesaver

This addon has saved me a lot of work on block development.
Thank You!

3.3.0 -

Review posted by stewblack23 on at

This Plugin Flat Out Rocks

Talk about a plugin that should be in C5 core. This things saves me tons of development time and allow me to create custom block in mins. The raw PHP code this thing generates looks great and its easy to understand and extend. This plug will be in all our C5 project builds from now on. Great job.
Review posted by fabianbitter on at

A real time-safer!

This add-on rocks! It's a real time-safer and the build code is very professional and easy to change/extend. Highly recommend.

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