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Just purchased Block designer. I have no way to integrate it via the /extend page, nor can I download an archive. Do you have any advice?

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fivedust replied on at Permalink Reply
Formal Refund Request: Please grant me a refund for the license assigned to this support request.
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

Can you give me a bit more info. What do you see on the "Extend" page, errors or the Add-On not showing up or... There are literally hundreds of people using this and have never had this issue pop up. This looks to me not a problem with the product (Block Designer) in this scenario.

Just post a few screenshots of what you see (or don't see) and if other bought products work or not (maybe not correctly linked account).

Kind regards
fivedust replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Ramon, I was not notified by your response. Sorry. So I got it to work but found that it does not offer anything that the Block Builder wouldn't offer. For that reason I ask you kindly to approve the refund. Thank you.
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

Do have to point you to the refund policy though:

Since it all works okay and refunds are very costly to concrete (owners of the platform), I can not grant you the refund. If you really do want a refund for the working product, you'd have to contact the site administrators for that!

If you have any more questions, let me know.

Kind regards

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