Can we edit blocks using Block Designer?

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Can we edit blocks using Block Designer? Or is it just for creation?


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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there,

You can create blocks and after creating blocks with Block Designer, you can load the configuration of a block. If you haven't installed the block yet, you can delete the block and create it again with new configurations. If you DO have installed the block, you can uninstall and load the config and then delete and recreate.

If you already use the block on the site and don't want to uninstall, you have to manually make edits to your block, Block Designer can't make changes to blocks you want to keep having installed.

Load a block config URL: dashboard/blocks/block_designer/config/handle_of_your_block

Replace "handle_of_your_block" with your own handle of course.

Kind regards,


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