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I was wondering how this would work?
...I purchased the block designer for my site. I have created a local development area and want to create a few blocks for my site. Since I have a single license, my question is... Would I have to constantly transfer the add-on from my local site to remote site each time I update? Lets say I assign the license to my local site, develop a block then update my remote site would I then have to re-assign the license to the remote site?
I'm really confused about this. Please let me know how this would work.

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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Bjorn,

As long as you are having it locally and it is the same project, you don't have to keep re-assigning. It keeps working as expected, but you probably don't have updates (although there is a stable release for a long time now).

Whenever you start a new project/site, you'd have to get an additional license.

I'd also advice to attach Block Designer only to a local version of you site and not the live one. Or just uninstall on your live site, since you don't need it to have your site working. That way you have less "bloat" in your concrete5 install and have it as fast as possible (let's say you have 100 plugins installed, it will only slow your install down because concrete5 loads the plugins in).

Is this answering the questions you're having?

Kind regards,

binomonkey replied on at Permalink Reply
I appreciate the help and explanation.
However, now while trying to install, I'm getting a Doctrine-xml error and the only way to get my site back to normal was to release the add-on from my project. I did follow the "before you install" procedure but I'm still getting this error. It shows up in my dashboard then installs but when I go back to my site page I get this error and cant get around it. Core version is 8.5.2.
Please help.
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
HI Bjorn,

Sorry for the late reply. Can you let me know the exact error you are getting? A screenshot and copy/paste of the text should do. Also let me know your PHP/MySQL version you are running.

Kind regards,


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