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I am trying to create a block with the following markup (so the href, image and card title are editable.

<div class="card">
    <a href="/linkpath">
        <span class="Image"><img alt="" src="//" /></span>
        <span class="Text">Card Title</span>

Is it possible to open the a tag, set the href, then have the two spans using the "Image" and "Text Area" inside before closing the a tag?

I've tried using both the "Link" item and "URL" item and the closing a tag is always placed before the two spans.


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ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Nathan,

This is very edge case. Best thing would be to make a new field type for this I guess, since the current setup will not be able to do this. If you split this up into multiple (3) fields, it will not work either since if you don't enter a link (href), the others shouldn't show up too.

Not sure if you are familiar with creating Field Types for Block Designer? There is detailed instructions about it here:

Kind regards,

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