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Review posted by ConcreteOwl on at

Excellent Addon - Just what I needed.

This addon will save me hours of wasted time searching pages that have a particular block.
Such a simple method of quickly locating every block type on your pages and even a shortcut to go into add a block on any pages in the dialogue view.
Brilliant and very low cost!
Thank You..
Response by ramonleenders on at
Glad it saved you hours, that's the whole purpose :)
Hope it will continue saving you time. Thank you too for the review, very much appreciated!
Review posted by mnakalay on at

Absolutely positively must-have

Needless to say, this add-on does exactly what it says and does it well.

Frankly, everybody should use it.

This is why: Do you know how often people install blocks on their website, decide they don't need it anymore or are just the victims of a wrong maneuver and uninstall a block type? let's just say it's a lot.

What happens then is all those blocks disappear from your page BUT not from the database. You are now left with resource eating bloat in your database that you don't need.

Use this add-on and delete your block instances BEFORE uninstalling a block, you'll avoid any future headaches.

One option I'd love to have: batch remove all selected block instances. That would help with the above.
Response by ramonleenders on at
A good thing (knowing) someone is actually using it ánd reviewing it. Thanks for the review and explaining why you use it and why others should be using this too (one of the possible scenarios).

Will think about adding the requested feature, you could make a support ticket so we can discuss that further.

EDIT: you can batch remove selected block instances now for both pages and stacks!

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