Version History

2.4 - php7 compatibility - Remote control now includes an option to disable c5 validation key check. - Fix double triggering of load when used within a fancybox popup. - Fix repeatable form submit load method - Correction of typo in symbol.

2.3 - New in-window related ajax triggering. Additional Magic Data symbols for building interactions. - Fixes typo in  v2.2 installer.

2.2 - More Magic Data symbols for additional server/environment data.

2.1 - Extended Magic Data integration.

2.0 - New: remote control and trigger blocks, making it eaiser to set up custom ajax interatcions. Also provides integration with Magic Data.

1.1.2 - Styles of default throbber changed for cleaner rendering in some nested ajax situations

1.1.1 - Added data to events thrown by ajax loading

1.1 - Extended developer interfaces

1.0.2 - Forces loading of jQuery from package controller

1.0.1 - Parameters can now be set by config/site definitions

1.0 - Initial release