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News & Blog Feed

A feed build out of content from your entire site - no restriction to special page types. Create your entries, articles, events, news, blogs or posts wherever and however you want on your site and the feed will summaries them in a nice overview. You have absolute freedom on which page type and with which blocks you build your posts. Put several entries on one page if you think the context fits. Structure your articles the way you want to.

The add-on comes with 7 content blocks (content, flash content, google map, html, image, slideshow, youtube) and 1 general Feed Entry block (no content showing) which automaticly create feed entries.

Have multiple feeds on your site, each pulling its entries from different areas of the website.

Limit the shown entries in a feed by age or time period. Create archives by only showing posts of a certain age.

Paginate your feed by day, week, month, year or number of entries.

Turn any content into a blog, create a news feed out of your topics, teaser your shop items in a listing or just use the Feed Entries to place marker on your site to which you can link to.

Get the entries number of a feed by using the Feed model.

Add Feed Entries to your pages together with a date, headline, copy and an image attached to them but not shown. Then create a feed which will display the date, headline, copy and image of the Feed Entries together with a link to the entries. Choose between newest, oldest, random or specific Feed Entries to display.

Make any block type you like a Feed Entry. By adopting the Feed Entry functionality any block can become a post in a feed. Build an automatism for feed entry creation or turn existing content into feed entries in bulk.

With News & Blog Feed any site can have its feed. The entries can spread over several pages of any type since you can place a Feed Entry on every page of your site.

Each Feed Entry also represents an anchor to which can be linked to from inside your site or external locations.

Supports the Version Online Time Schedule add-on.


Don't miss this Special Offer on Timed News & Blog Feed which combines the flexible creation of news and blog entries done by this add-on and the easy managing of online time for page versions with the Version Online Time Schedule.

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