Who can use the Blog Module?
Everybody can use it. It works perfectly with the core Elemental theme, but it can also be used in combination with other themes.

Why not just the Elemental theme?
Because you may already have a theme installed that hasn't a Blog configured. Also, this add-on allows you to customize which blocks you want to install and in which area you want to place them.

Can I deinstall the add-on without problems?
You no problem. It's good to know that this will be removed:

  • "Blog Index" page type
  • "Blog Post" page type
  • "Blog - Categories" page attribute

During deinstallation you get the option to also delete pages with those page types. I'd recommend to not remove the add-on if you want to keep your blog.

An area I want to use is not listed, what can I do?
Please go to Dashboard > Page Types > Click on 'Output' next to the Page Type in question. Then click 'Edit Defaults' next to the Template you want to use. Just by opening the page, the areas should now be listed on the Blog Module install page.

I forgot to add some blog categories, how can I add them afterwards?
Topics can be managed via the dashboard Topics page, see /dashboard/system/attributes/topics.