Before install/use

Make sure your theme is using Bootstrap ( – version 3 or higher. Without Bootstrap, there won’t be much styling to these Block Types. In case you don’t have a Bootstrap theme and want to know if it’s possible, send me the link and I will have a look. In some cases I need the files/code in order to try it out if 2 frameworks work together or not.


Some of the block types (Jumbotron, Modal & Well) use stacks to show content. This way you can add any block you want within these block types. Let's say you want to have a modal (popup) with buttons, headings, images, alerts and blockquotes - all from this Add-On - then feel free to do so. Because of stacks, this is possible. With a simple WYSIWYG-editor, this wouldn't have been possible. This gives you endless possibilities!