Questions & Answers

Do I have to have Bootstrap in my theme?

Yes, you do need Bootstrap (version 3 or higher). Over 55% of the current marketplace themes have Bootstrap. In case you don’t have a Bootstrap theme and want to know if it’s possible, send me the link and I will have a look. In some cases I need the files/code in order to try it out if 2 frameworks work together or not.

Not sure if the theme you are using is already using Bootstrap? Send me the link!

Do I need custom coding?

No, you don’t. For some features, you might need some additional code though. This can be fixed with a few clicks. Navigate to “Partially working Block Types” for a more detailed how-to.

I want live examples, where please?


What Block Types are available?

  1. Alerts (
  2. Block Quotes (
  3. Buttons (
  4. Carousels (
  5. Glyph icons (
  6. Headings (
  7. Images (
  8. Jumbotrons (
  9. Labels (
  10. Modals (
  11. Progress Bars (
  12. Responsive Embeds (iFrames) (
  13. Wells (

Will there be more Block Types?

I plan on developing some more, like the “Media Object” ( If you have some ideas yourselves, do let me know.

Why Bootstrap?

Why not? It’s an awesome framework and concrete5 uses it already (for the elemental theme for example).

Why doesn’t this have FlexSlider or Isotope Block Types?

The name already says “Bootstrap Blocks”. It’s all about Bootstrap. Not FlexSlider or Isotope. This Add-On will only have Bootstrap related Block Types.