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Bootstrap Buttons

The most advanced button add-on available anywhere.

Easily add bootstrap buttons with icons or images from the file manager to your pages with just a few clicks.

Include an optional bootstrap popover or modal that can be displayed individually or togther at the same time.

Customize your own colors or choose from one of the 50 + included colors

5 sizes and 6 shapes to choose from

Include an image from the file manager or select one  of the 350 professional high quality icons that come included.

Display buttons with or without an icon/image

Display buttons with just an icon/image

Display an icon/image and text only.

Display an icon/image only.

  • Compatible with all Concrete5 themes
  • Compatible with Concrete5 versions 5.3.0 - 5.6.x
  • Adjustable button text
  • Adjustable button color ( over 50 colors )
  • Adjustable button size (5 sizes )
  • Adjustable button shape ( 6 shapes )
  • Adjustable button position ( left, right, center )
  • Link type ( Internal, external, file )
  • 350 professional .png icons ( white, black, gray)
  • Select images from the file manager to palce on buttons
  • Adjustable icon/image position ( left, right )
  • Adjustable button margin (space for button)
  • Include a bootstrap modal
  • Include a bootstrap popover
  • Editable button background color
  • Editable button background color on hover
  • Editable button text color
  • Editable button text color on hover
  • Optional Class
  • Optional ID
  • Optional Style

Icons display sharp on both iphone 4 and the new ipad's retina display.

(NOTE: If you are running concrete5 version 5.5.1 or older you will be served an older version of bootstrap buttons that does not include all functionality the latest version has to offer. To get full use out of this add-on upgrade concrete5 to version 5.5.2 or higher)


Sales have ended due to EOL

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