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Bootstrap Image Gallery

Bootstrap Image Gallery is a touch-enabled, retina ready, responsive, customizable image gallery, carousel and lightbox, optimized for both mobile and desktop web browsers.

It features swipe, mouse and keyboard navigation, transition effects, slideshow functionality, retina display support and more.

Includes 12 custom templates

Supports CDN Manager

  • Supports single images and file sets
  • Supports titles and captions from file manager and custom slideshows
  • Supports multiple galleries on same page
  • Generate mobile images option with size settings (optional)
  • Lazy load support (NEW) *
  • Retina display support (NEW) *
  • Grid system (1-6 column) (NEW) *
  • Adjustable margin settings
  • Display download button
  • Download button access permission settings
  • Auto generate thumbnails
  • Adjustable thumbnail sizes
  • Keep aspect ratio setting
  • Toggle the controls on pressing the Return key
  • Toggle the automatic slideshow interval on pressing the Space key
  • Always display controls on popup (NEW)
  • Navigate the gallery by pressing left and right on the keyboard
  • Close the gallery on pressing the ESC key
  • Close the gallery when clicking on an empty slide area
  • Close the gallery by swiping up or down
  • Emulate touch events on mouse-pointer devices such as desktop browsers
  • Hide the page scrollbars
  • Stops any touches on the container from scrolling the page
  • Allow continuous navigation, moving from last to first and from first to last slide
  • Remove elements outside of the preload range from the DOM
  • Start with the automatic slideshow
  • Delay in milliseconds between slides for the automatic slideshow (default:5000)
  • The starting index as integer (default:0)
  • The number of elements to load around the current index (default:2)
  • The transition speed between slide changes in milliseconds (default:400)
  • The transition speed for automatic slide changes, set to an integer greater 0 to override the default transition speed
  • Display previous and next buttons
  • Display close button
  • Display play and pause buttons
  • Display slider indicator
  • Enable/disable CDN Mananger (NEW)

 * (Supports Default, Bootstrap Thumbnail, Bootstrap Circle, Masonary and Bootstrap Panel custom templates only)


Sales have ended due to EOL

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