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Mnakalay develops great professional add-ons that enrich the functionality of concrete cms. For our website I needed…


Instantly create designer-quality action-oriented buttons that your site users will notice and click, even if you’re not a designer, and without writing a single line of code.

PHP 8 ready!

If you run a business or a non-profit website, you know how important it is to your bottom line to grab your users' attention & make them take action.

Button Factory Pro helps you build gorgeous buttons in just a few clicks. Everything is under your control: colors, shapes, styles, icons... You name it; Buttons Factory Pro has it.

Buttons Factory Pro multi-functions button builder

Buttons Factory Pro has unlimited design possibilities

Design your buttons with Live Preview

Powerful dropdown add-on to present users with lists of links and downloads

Powerful tooltip & popover add-on to show users on-demand information they can interact with

Video and Content popup, fully responsive

Multi-Function Buttons that don't limit you

Build it in seconds

  • Unlimited color schemes (7 included)
  • Unlimited shapes (5 included)
  • Unlimited sizes (6 included)
  • 8 styles (flat, 3d, ghost…)
  • 100s of icons
  • Many design options

All included for you to just point-and-click and create your button in a jiffy.

Some of the styles bundled with Buttons Pro

Total Control

Add your own colors, sizes, and shapes and combine all of it any way you want. Never will your buttons look out of place

Live Preview

Build your buttons and instantly see what they look like in real-time, without a single line of code

Clever button features

Add a single button to your page in a few clicks or a whole button bar. How about a dual “OR” button to ask your users “This OR That?”

A dual OR button

Built for action

Buttons are for taking action. With Buttons Factory Pro easily add:

  • Links to internal pages or external sites
  • Protected links to files
  • Buttons to forms and other blocks
  • Hooks for any Javascript interaction you want

Powerful multi-function add-ons

Buttons Factory Pro comes bundled with add-ons for extra functionality, a popup to showcase anything you want, and tooltip/popover to inform your users in style.

  • DROPDOWN add-on for presenting list of links

    Dropdown with Buttons Factory Pro

  • POPUP add-on to showcase videos or any content you want

    Popup with Buttons Factory Pro

  • TOOLTIP & POPOVER add-on to inform your users in style with rich content or simple text

    Tooltip & Popover with Buttons Factory Pro

What can I do with these buttons?

You can create normal buttons or submit/reset buttons for forms. Or make it a link if you prefer.

To any button you can attach:

  • A link to an internal or external page
  • A file to download
  • A drop-down with a list of links

Yes, that's right, you can create drop-down buttons.

Dropdown with Buttons Pro

Dropdown with Buttons Pro


Or if you want you can add your own custom classes to the button and use that to hook some jQuery or Javascript code to it.

Where can I use these buttons?

You can use those buttons pretty much anywhere.

  • Add them to any page using 1 of the 2 blocks included
  • Add them to your theme using the code generator
  • Use them in other blocks' templates

As an example, a template for the Core Form block is included with your package. The template comes with a detailed explanation on how to use it.

Bundled with pre-defined styles

With great flexibility comes great responsibility to make things easy and smooth. Although you can define your own color scheme, shapes, sizes... Buttons Factory Pro doesn't come empty-handed.

Your package comes bundled with:

  • 7 beautiful colors schemes for every occasion
  • 5 shapes (square, circle, pill...)
  • 8 styles (flat, 3D, borderless...)
  • 6 pre-defined sizes (jumbo, tiny...)
  • 2 extras wrappers for added pop-iness (3d wrapper and glow)
  • Long shadows
  • Typographic styles (capitalize, uppercase...)
  • All Font-awesome latest and greatest icons that you can grow, spin, flip and twist

Some of the styles bundled with Buttons Pro

These buttons will blend in with any design like they belong. Your buttons will never look like an afterthought.

Customize anything and create re-usable themes

Everything is under your control so you can create your own designs. You're not stuck with what's included and your imagination is the limit

See, fun experiments with custom shapes:

Button bars made with Buttons Pro

You have full control over colors, shapes, and sizes and can create your own re-usable themes.

But the real-time saver is the theme generator for a consistent look of all your buttons.

Design your button and save the design as a theme. When using buttons anywhere, just select your theme and apply it.

Need to change some aspects of the theme for this particular button? A different color maybe? No problem, just override the color et voila! Same style, different color, in just a few clicks.

2 blocks are included

Quickly add a button or button bar to any page with these 2 blocks:

  • A single button block
  • A button bar block

For single buttons, just insert your block in a page like you would any block.

For button bars, create a stack, insert any number of buttons you want in it and then insert the button bar block in your page, selecting your stack in the process.

Button bars made with Buttons Pro

Are you a developer with a hands-on approach? The block's view doesn't include much as everything is generated from the controller. I understand that sometimes you want more control over the output without having to override the controller. With that in mind I have included a template that has all the code in it so it bypasses the controller generation to generate the button directly from the view. Feel free to modify and play with it all you want if you know what you're doing.

Use Buttons Factory Pro with any block or theme

Let me explain: you have a form and you want to use Buttons Factory Pro to spice it up a bit. Thanks to Concrete5 flexibility, it's possible. All you have to do is hard-code a Buttons Factory Pro block in a template for your form. Easy right?


Not everybody understands coding. Maybe you're building your site learning as you go. Maybe you're a designer with years of experience but not in the coding department...

No worries, Buttons Factory Pro has you covered: there's a code generator included, ready to make your life really easier.

Buttons Pro's code generator will make your life so much easier

  • You go to the generator and design your button
  • You see your button updating in real-time
  • You go to the "View Code" tab to find your code generated for you
  • You decide which you want depending on the use-case (help about that included)
  • You copy your code and paste it in your template

And to make sure it's clear as crystal, a template is included for the core Form block with a mini tutorial explaining how to use your code.

Watch some more video tutorials

Learn how to build a social buttons bar with Buttons Pro for Concrete5 5.7

Current Version: 5.0.4
Fully Translatable: Yes
Needs External Libraries: No
License: Standard
Support Response: Replies to tickets every business day.
Support Hosted: On
Needs extra server permissions: No
Needs Internet: No
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