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Essential learning tool for new developers

This package is an excellent tool for new concrete5 developers, especially those interested in creating addons for the marketplace. I have found the example package controller here especially helpful as it covers best practices for installing the package and making sure it can be upgraded smoothly. It is also great to keep open as a reference even if you're an experienced developer. Great job all around! This is exactly the kind of thing concrete5 needed to help document best practices and more realistic examples for developers.
Review posted by mkly on at

A Fantastic Starting Point

Getting started with concrete5 package development, or just concrete5 development in general? This is a great place to start your journey.
Review posted by McCormick on at

Thorough package to package a package

hereNT once again makes building a custom package significantly easier for me.

The differences between hereNT's "c5 Boilerplate" and Arequal's "Basic Package for Developers" are subtle, and significant: hereNT's boilerplate provides real-world examples in its sub folders, such as blocks including autonav and page_list templates, along with starter files for elements, mail, themes and more; and Arequal's basic package keeps it simple, which also delivers a handy, practical starter kit.

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