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Concrete5 Danmark - Who we are!

We strive to make concrete5 CMS the most used CMS in Denmark. We have created a user forum for Danes where anyone can discuss concrete5 CMS in Danish (the forum is closed at the moment, due to the fact that we converted our site to 5.7 and still need to make our forum work again). We are now on concrete5 8.0, and we still have not made our forum work. But it's a priority. 

We translate the concrete5 CMS to Danish, and we can also translate add-on packages on request. If you need a partner for your web project, but have difficulty expressing your challenges in English, then www.concrete5.dk is definitely for you.

Please write reviews for our packages - It helps a lot that other people know what you think.


C5DK User Validation

Welcome to C5DK User Validator

Sometimes when you have people allowed to register as users on your website. Then it is great if you have a tool to validate the registered users and automatically add them to some predefined user groups.

We have made this tool "C5DK User Validation" that enables you, in an convenient way, to control access to your website.

Configuration simple and straight forward

The C5DK User Validation" can be setup with default validation values in both user groups and user attributes. And you can setup a validation receipt email to the user, where you can welcome the user to your website.

Validation is as simple as pushing a button

When users register on your website you will get an email to alert you that you have a user to validate. In an convenient list you simply click the appropriate validation button for the user.

We wish you happy validation.

Concrete5 Danmark

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