Documents Block

The catapult Documents Block allows you to quickly and easily add documents and file to your concrete5 website, for your users to view and download. Simply add some files and the block will display your documents in your chosen area.

This block allows for multiple documents/files and lots of customization.

Quick Start Guide

Adding a Documents Block

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to add the documents to

  2. Add a ‘Documents Block’ to the page

    1. Files
      1. Click ‘Add File’ to add your file/s

      2. Click ‘Edit’ next to the file you wish to edit

      3. Click ‘Select File’ to choose a file from your file manager

      4. Repeat these steps for each file you wish to add

    2. Options
      1. Template
        Choose which template you want to display. (Default, Table, More to follow…)

Configuring the Options

Catapult’s Documents Block comes with its very own simple to use dashboard page interface, which you will find under ‘dashboard > catapult > Documents’.

The individual file properties/data have conveniently been separated into a sortable interface that allows you real flexibility to customize the documents manager to your needs. You can sort, and enable or disable each property to fulfill your requirements.

The following properties are available

  1. ID

  2. Title

  3. Description

  4. Size

  5. Full size

  6. Mime type

  7. File name

  8. Width

  9. Height


  11. Author ID

  12. Author name

  13. Date

  14. Extension

  15. Type

  16. Display type

  17. Tags

  18. Thumbnail image

  19. Listing thumbnail image

Each file property above can also be further configured with the following options by clicking the corresponding ‘Edit’ button:

  • Label

  • HTML Tag
    (None, Paragraph, Bold, Italic, H1 - H6, List item, Span, Label, Div)

  • Icon
    (Over 600 icons to choose from)

  • Link
    (None, URL, Force download URL, Download URL, Relative path)