Google Static Map Block

The catapult Google Static Map Block allows you to quickly and easily add a personalised map on your concrete5 website. Simply set some locations and options and the block will display a Google Map image in your chosen area.

A free Google API Key is required to use this block.

This block allows for multiple locations and lots of customization.

Quick Start Guide

Before you can use this block you must get a free Google API Key from Google Static Maps Developer page -

Get a Google Static Map API key

  1. Follow the link above

  2. Click ‘Get a key’

  3. Select or create a project

  4. Create and enable API

  5. Copy API key

  6. Click ‘Finish’

Once you have your Google API Key, you can add this to your API Keys dashboard page, which you will find under ‘dashboard > catapult > API Keys’.

Adding a Google Static Map Block

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to add the map to

  2. Add a ‘Google Static Map Block’ to the page

  3. Locations
    1. Click ‘Add Location’ to add your location/s

  4. Settings
    1. Map Type
      Select which style of map you would like to add; Road, Satellite, Terrain or Hybrid

    2. Zoom
      Select the zoom level of the map; 0 (World ) - 21 (Buildings)

    3. Width
      Give you map a set width

    4. Height
      Give your map a set height

    5. Scale
      Select image resolution (number of pixels returned); 1 (standard) or 2 (High)

    6. Format
      Select the file type of the image; png, png32, gif, jpg or jpg baseline

  5. Customization
    1. Marker Color
      Select a color for your location markers. Either choose from several predefined colors or make your own

    2. Marker Size
      Select a market size; Default, Medium, Small or Tiny