White Label Add-on

catapult’s White Label add-on allows you to customize various elements and functionality within the core concrete5 interface and dashboard. This makes for a much more professional look when handing over a site to a client.

You have access to core configuration via a simple to use dashboard page interface, which you will find under ‘dashboard > catapult > White Label’.

Quick Start Guide

Configuring the Options

  1. White Label Logo
    Replace the concrete5 logo with your own in the concrete5 toolbar - Image should be 23px high and can be selected from the file manager or entered manually if hosted remotely

  2. White Label Name
    Change the White Label Logo alt & title attributes from ‘concrete5’ to your own brand name

  3. Custom Background Image
    Enable/Disable custom background image functionality on default login and register pages

  4. Custom Background Image URL
    Select image from the file manager or enter manually if hosted remotely

  5. Marketplace
    Enable/Disable marketplace integration within your concrete5 dashboard

  6. Marketplace Intelligent Search
    Enable/Disable intelligent search integration

  7. News Overlay
    Enable/Disable the news overlay from concrete5

  8. News
    Enable/Disable concrete5 news within your site

  9. Help System
    Enable/Disable concrete5 help system within your site

  10. Custom Design
    Enable/Disable concrete5 custom design within your site

  11. Layout Design
    Enable/Disable concrete5 layout design within your site

  12. Auto Update Packages
    Enable/Disable auto update packages within your site