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Circular Diagram

Have you ever wanted to display multiple poll, preference, or other basic query results in a very basic - but creative - manner? Now you can!

Did you take a poll, survey, or other query and need a way to display the (up to 10) results? This allows you to do just that - quickly and easily!

This add-on allows you to enter up to 10 items and percents. You can even customize the color scheme!


  • Interactive non-flash circular graph (displays percents ONLY)
  • Full color customization
  • Up to 10 entries per diagram
  • Display extra detail(s) in an overlaying, un-obtrusive modal box
  • Add more than one diagram to the same page
  • Full customization options

Here some examples of things it could be used for:

  • "Top 10 Movies"
  • "Top 8 Songs"
  • "5 Most Popular Genres"

Be sure to check the live demo to see it in action!

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