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Concrete Wall

Please note that this will not be updated to support concrete 5.7.

 The Concrete Wall provides an activity feed block for concrete5. This block shows "posts" that have been created due to various things that happen on your site. Think Facebook -- there's a list of things that have happened that are attached to pages (including people) and that are shown across pages.

Use this add-on to make your site more interactive and social. The wall feed demonstrates that your site is active, that other users are doing things, and provides a quick overview of fresh content.


  • Block shows "activity feed" of recent postings related to:
    • A particular user, or
    • A particular concrete5 page (e.g., a product, or a calendar entry), or
    • All posts
  • Filters postings based on configurable sharing type (public or friends-only)
  • Filters postings based on importance (alerts, non-alerts, all)
  • AJAX-powered "More" button
  • AJAX-powered configuration button to allow post owners to delete post or change privacy setting
  • Simple API -- your code and other packages can easily add posts to the wall. Advanced features including attaching posts to any custom object (ie, model)
  • Block to allow posting to your own wall, or a friend's wall


At its core, the Concrete Wall is a block that provides a listing of posts, filtered by various criteria (the logged-in user, the page the block is on, etc). Posts are added from other areas of your concrete5 installation -- other add-ons, the core, and/or your own custom code -- through a very simple API. 

Each post is of a particular posting type, which is also added through the API (though posting types can be added at the same time as a post). Posting types define what activity is being posted and how to show it. By default, there are five posting types:

  • Joined Site -- [James] joined [concrete5.org]
  • Adding Friends -- [James] became friends with [Heather]
  • Blog Posting -- [James] posted [New Product Announced!]
  • 1st person & 3rd person sharing - [James] What's everybody doing this weekend?
After a posting type has been added, the post is really just some data that fits into the template and describes what object the post refers to.
N.B.: It is dependent upon you or your package's developer to "post" activities, other than those listed above or below, to the wall.

Supporting Add-Ons:

Packages that support the wall will add new posting types and post data as applicable.

The following add-ons support Concrete Wall, out of the box:

If you'd like another add-on integrated, please contact me after purchase. Currently, the following add-ons are supported:

If your add-on supports Concrete Wall, message me and I'll add it to the list.


  • Version 2.0+ is compatible only with concrete 5.6 and above
  • Version .7 is provided for all other users


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