Version History

2.1.0 - Feb 2013 - Spackle automatically creates links from URLs. Still sanitizes all other HTML. 

2.0.4 - Feb 2013 - Fixed problems with non-existent users. Automatically deletes postings from deleted users, spackle prevents non-logged-in users from posting.

2.0.2 - Nov 2012 - Added SQL in package install to make pUID nullable in order to allow for upgrades. Added button to remove posting types left over from uninstalled packages.

2.0.0 - Oct 2012 - Lots of changes

1.1.0 - Feb 2012 - New features to control posts, default types, ajax loading, massive cleanup for c5 5.5, bug fixes

  • Post owners can now change the sharing setting (sitewide or friends); initial setting comes from type
  • Post owners can now delete posts
  • Now comes with three included posting types ('new users', 'add friends', and 'new blog entry') and hooks to add these events to the wall. (Blog entry is based on the included c5 blog page type.)
  • Block has configurable "More" button that loads additional posts via AJAX
  • Block can be configured to not show default (blank) avatars
  • General updates to block and administration style and instruction text
  • Additional code comments
  • Fix for c5 bug (introduced Sept 2011) that showed earliest postings first
  • Fix for createDate column (timestamps update on any change to row)

0.7.1 - Feb 2011 - Bug Fixes & Best Practices

  • Enlarged max length for posting type code from 10 to 50 characters
  • Implemented c5 best practices, including use of ->inc() and checking for pre-existing single pages
  • div added around view for better end-user styling

0.7.0 - Feb 2011 - Developer Preview