Setting up Cookies Disclosure

Getting Started

Once the package is installed, visit the Dashboard page: System & Settings \ Environment \ Cookies Disclosure to configure. Cookies Disclosure is not activated by default on installation, but you can activate on this page.

Cookies Disclosure has two modes: 'explicit' consent and 'implied' consent, the latter being an accepted consent mode in the United Kingdom. The difference is that explicit consent requires a checkbox to be ticked and any tracking codes under the scripts control are held back until consent is given. Implied consent simply informs your visitor how cookies are used on the site whilst allowing them to dismiss the popup.



Cookies Disclosure has many options for customization.

  • Display Duration - How long should disclosure remain visible for on each page load
  • Display Limit - Maximum times to show the disclosure. 0 is forever
  • Display position in viewport - Should the disclosure appear at the top or bottom of viewport
  • Message - Disclosure message to make to your visitors. Use the default or edit to your preference
  • Privacy Policy - The page on your site which contains your privacy policy
  • Background color - Choose a background color for the cookies disclosure message bar. You can also set a transparency for the background, on this color picker control
  • Font color - Choose a font color of the text of the cookies disclosure message bar
  • Link color - Choose a color for the link to your site's privacy policy
  • Font style - Choose the font style for the message text which best suits your site
  • Font size - Choose a font size for the text in the disclosure message bar
  • Button background color - Choose a background color for buttons in the cookies disclosure message bar
  • Button font color - Choose a font color for buttons in the cookies disclosure message bar

Tracking Codes

If you use tracking codes such as Google Analytics on your website, remove them from the tracking codes dashboard page and instead paste them into the Tracking Codes section of Cookies Disclosure. Where Explicit consent mode is used cookie setting tracking codes will not be injected into the page until consent has been obtained.