Your hack for translation works great. But not for the url, a bit of help needed please.

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Hi there, thanks for this great add-on. I use the hack you posted here:

So now i can translate the text, but not all of it. I need the url to work too, but the url changes for each language. Can i hack that one too in the javascript? Same question for the accept text and button.

Please a little help on this. It would be awesome if we could use this thing in multi-language sites too.

Regards, Maura

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
As far as I know all strings are translatable, the URL should not change - or are you meaning you wish to use with the multilingual add-on - in which case I think the target probably does. However, I don't think we can accommodate different urls and I can't think of an obvious hack to get this done.
buurvrouw replied on at Permalink Reply
Ah thanks, i translated now with po-edit, so the last line of the message is now also translated. The message itself is not translatable with po-edit, it takes teh message from the dashboard input. But i can use your posted hack for this

Just one thing is still not working now, and that's the url.

In your hack for the javascript, this is line 19 to 24:
custMessage: {
                en: 'This site uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. You may block or delete cookies but aspects of this website may not work. For more information please refer to our [url]privacy policy[/url]',
                nl: 'Deze site gebruikt cookies om de site beter te laten functioneren. U mag cookies blokkeren of verwijderen, de gebruikservaring van de site zal dan wat minder goed zijn. Voor meer informatie verwijzen wij u naar de pagina: [url]privacy policy[/url]',
                ru: 'Russian translation',
                de: 'German translation',
                ar: 'Arabic translation'

Now the part of the url is displayed like this: [url]privacy policy[/url] instead of an actual url link. Is there a way to hardcode a working url in the javascript?


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