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brilliant, brilliant, brilliant... and free!
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Very fine addon!

I've been using it for menus on restaurant sites. Excellent! Easy to style, and once you fully understand how CSV Displayer responds to the CSV file, it's easy to format. I love how I can add HTML tags to the CSV to modify the display.

You can also save the file as tab, pipe, or semicolon delimited, and as txt (I haven't tried others). A huge value, and FREE? Thank you, SmartWebProjects!
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Does a nice job with little data prep needed

I'd been looking for a way to display tabular data in an attractive layout, with the convenience of maintaining it in a spreadsheet. When I couldn't get links to display properly, the author jumped in with suggestions and tweaks until it worked as desired. Great support for a free add-on!
Review posted by Adreco on at

Why did I wait so long?

What a labor saver! Fast clean way to display any csv table I've created on the desktop. Much easier for my clients to edit than trying to walk them through editing an html table.
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How else are you going to include table data in your site? Here I'm using it as a list of wines available in a restaurant:
Nice CSS handles for styling with an optional <th> tag built in. Here is another example:
Review posted by tallacman on at

Wonderfully Simple

Massage your excel file into a csv file and save it with the .csv extension; upload and select and you have your spreadsheet online. I have a sample of some softball stats here: . The css file below it shows some of the DOM handles available.

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