JeRo's Cycle2 Slide Show **** does not show on my block content section during edit

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Hi I installed the "JeRo's Cycle2 Slide Show" but it does not show on the add-on content section during site edit. The installation went flawlessly, the license is associated to the correct domain/site. - Any ideas. Thank you.
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jero replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
You may be looking in the wrong section. Scroll down to the multimedia section and click the "Cycle2 Slide" icon.
maddox replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for your reply, Jero.
The "Cycle2 Slide" was not present on the multimedia section. - but I figured out why that was happening. Cycle2 Slide was installed but not showing, so I decided to uninstall the C5 "Fruitful Theme" and that was the problem. When I unsinstalled the Fruitful theme it seemed to have uninstalled quite a few add-ons as well, including "Cycle2 Slide". Then I reinstalled it and it works perfectly. Thank you again.

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