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Review posted by Grayda on at

Saves my bacon every time!

Even though I've set up countless Concrete5 sites, I always forget to set the case sensitivity when I reinstall XAMPP. This tool saves me every time. Either run the tool on your current database before exporting, or if you've already exported and imported on your Linux server, just get the table renamer export and run it. Up and running in no time flat!
Review posted by vernb on at

Excellent utility

I used a year or so ago and it worked a treat. I'm now going to use it with the latest version of concrete5 - - so watch this space. I will be back with how it went and any tweaks needed.
Review posted by tobi on at

saved my day - by lunch time!

easy, fast, good to get the job done when a novice like me doesn't have the nerves to worry about settings of the local wamp. Thank you.
Review posted by dantheman on at

Intelligent, sensible, friendly add-on

Really saved me time with its simplicity and intelligent messages. Thank you very much.
Review posted by CMSDeveloper on at

Why use this. Just a mysql conf/setup problem!

For a WAMP/MAMP/LAMP/RAMP stack just add this rule to the my.ini file:
lower_case_table_names = 0

This makes the concrete5 database cAse sEnsItiVe(yes..camelcase), so migration from your local developing env. to a nix server is no problem.
Response by Mainio on at
Hi! And thanks for the gloring review!

Yes, clearly as we've explained here:

Unfortunately some people starting with concrete5 are not 100% familiar with setting up their database configuration and this has been an issue that is raised commonly in the forums.
Review posted by PatrickCassidy on at

Saved me!

This saved me on my first Concrete5 website! I was totally stressing out when nothing worked when I migrated my site over to my host. Somebody suggested this add-on, and it works! Great! Thanks a bunch!
Review posted by gd42 on at

Great timesaver!

It does exactly what it says. Easy to use, great addon!

One note: Don't forget to restart mysql after you edited the my.ini!
Review posted by WebcentricLtd on at


Thanks for doing this - saved me having to go through and renaming all the tables manually and then having to go through again to correct my mistakes.

Even though this is a free add-on there is a good array of options/methods for getting the job done.

Kudos and thanks again - much appreciated.
Review posted by PatrickHeck on at


This is awesome. You're my hero, Mainio! :-)
Review posted by mikefatty on at

A MUST addon!!

Thx for making this awesome free addon its a MUST! no more renaming each table manual :-)


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