Version History


* The migration tool will also include the /src/Entity directory of installed packages;
* Added missing "CalendarEventSearchIndexAttributes" table from Legacy calendar;
* Minor code updates/upgrades (non-functional);


* Fixed issue where Entities with numbers in it, won't be included in the migration (for example all the OAuth2 Entities belonging to concrete5 version 8.5.x);


* Moved the "Database Migration" page from /dashboard/system/backup/database_migration to /dashboard/system/database_migration (due to the removal of the "backup" core page);
* Removed unnecessary "use" statements (since classes reside in the same directory);


* Fixed issue in version 8 and later, where if "remote updates" are applied for the concrete5 core, it would search in the wrong directory;
* "ucFirst" function call fixed to "ucfirst" - it isn't a case-sensitive PHP function call; 


* Updated to work 100% with concrete5 version 8.x (due to the new Express Entities and such);


* Updated file indenting/formatting, cleaned up code and such;
* Replaced (forgotten) deprecated Database function "get" with "connection";
* Replaced deprecated Database function "getCol" with "fetchAll";
* Removed unneeded "uninstall" function;


* Fixed namespaces for newer versions of concrete5;
* Removed unused "use" statements;
* Rewritten deprecated concrete5 core code (Loader::helper(), Database::get(), Database::GetAll() etc.);


* For developers: Made classes/controllers a bit more PSR compliant


* Initial Release