Questions & Answers

Is this really free?

Yes. You can always buy me a beer if you'd like.

Does it really change ALL the table names?

There is no guarantee, because each add-on has their own developers and its own coding. This Add-On FULLY covers the default Concrete5 installed tables. If there will be (algorithm) changes in the future, this Add-On will be updated to cover the migration fully again.

The migration covers these “areas”:

  • Core tables in the core database schema;
  • Core tables that are not included in the core database schema file (e.g. ‘CollectionSearchIndexAttributes’);
  • Every attribute’s tables described in the attribute’s db.xml (core, custom and package attributes);
  • Every block's tables described in the block's db.xml (core, custom and package blocks);
  • Every package's tables described in the package's db.xml;






However, if some tables are missing from the migration, the tool will inform you about that. These tables can be easily added to the custom script or migrated manually.

Also, ther’s a simple way included for each package to add more custom tables to be included in the migration. By writing just a few lines of code, you can easily include your site's custom tables to the migration. Please see the Documentation page for more information about this.

Huh.. I think I've seen this Add-On before?

Could be, there's an Add-On for concrete5 5.6.x available with more or less the same options. This is named Database Case Sensitivity Migration (MySQL) - also a free Add-On. This one will not work on 5.7.x though, only with versions 5.4.2 — of Concrete5.


I’ve gotten permission from the author of that Add-On, Antti Hukkanen, to port this Add-On to Concrete5 5.7, as he had no time to port it over yet due to (client) projects. This way, everyone can enjoy this Add-On already as much as we did back in the time – before 5.7!